Jeff Bohnhoff (mysticfig) wrote,
Jeff Bohnhoff

Doing what I love

I've been having a wonderful week. quadrivium has been here at Mystic Fig Studios since Saturday night, so we can work on keyboards and vocals for the seanan_mcguire album I'm producing. By a fortunate confluence of calendars, Seanan's Chimes at Midnight book release party was on Saturday, so Mary got to experience the madness and ecstasy of the Traveling Snake Handling Show, along with Paul Kwinn and Beckett Gladney. The party was great, and we had a nice quiet dinner with Paul, Beckett and Mary afterward.

We got to serious work on Sunday, and by the end of the day Tuesday had all but one keyboard part done. Tuesday afternoon, Seanan came by to record one remaining scratch vocal, so we could get the final keyboard part down.

Working on recording with talented people is one of my favorite things, and Mary has brought the album to whole new level. We started working on harmony vocals yesterday, of course with Maya. The rest of this week we'll continue on with vocals.

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